Priceville center Seth Looney is one of three seniors on the offensive line. [MATTHEW SPEAKMAN/DECATUR DAILY]

Priceville football got off to a good start in region play last week by beating St. John Paul II 43-29 on the road.

A major reason for that victory was the Bulldogs’ powerful running game. Junior running back Jerry Burton rushed for 242 yards on 40 carries and scored four touchdowns. Senior skill player Jaxon Cross added 169 yards rushing on just eight carries.

All night, Priceville’s offensive line opened up major running lanes for Burton and Cross.

Priceville center Seth Looney is one of three seniors on the line that helped power the running game.

Looney sat down with Decatur Daily sports writer Matthew Speakman to answer five questions:

Question: How does center differ from the other positions on the offensive line in your eyes?

Answer: “Most importantly, the snap. The snap always has to be good. I remember in a Super Bowl, Peyton Manning was distracted and a snap went over his head for a safety. It completely changed the momentum of the game. I feel like it’s the same as a high school center. If you get a bad snap, it changes the momentum of the whole entire offense. I’ve played every position on the line. It’s completely different. Usually, you think of your assignment. As a center, you have to make sure your hands are in the right position, and that you’re hitting that same spot.”

Question: How long did it take for you to perfect your snap?

Answer: “Well, really, my snap isn’t perfected. I’ve tried to snap it three different ways to get it the way coach (Chris) Foster likes it. Two-handed snaps seem to be the best for me right now. I did it against St. John Paul II and didn’t have one bad snap.”

Question: What’s it been like playing for new head coach Chris Foster?

Answer: “He’s incredible. He’s a really calm and mellow guy. He’s an easy guy to make laugh. He likes to laugh and make jokes. His offense seems perfect for the skill guys we have right now.”

Question: What do you do for fun in the Priceville area?

Answer: “Well, I’m a big guy so I like to eat. I’m also on the math team at Priceville. Those two things are basically what I do all the time besides football.”

Question: What do you want to do as a career?

Answer: “Well, I wanted to be a teacher, so I could coach, since I think I have a great mind for the game. I decided to do something that was a little more. I like accounting. I like budgeting. I like financing. I’m in economics right now, so that will help with that moving forward.”

—matthew.speakman@decaturdaily.com or 256-340-2460. Twitter @DD_MSpeakman.

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