Alli Parker

Hartselle senior Alli Parker plays middle blocker for the Tigers. Video at [MATTHEW SPEAKMAN/DECATUR DAILY]

HARTSELLE — Hartselle volleyball player Alli Parker went from not making the junior high team in eighth grade to being a leader for the Tigers this season. She was called up to varsity a week into her ninth grade season. The senior has been on the team ever since.

So far, the Tigers are off to a good start. Hartselle split a tri-match on Thursday before winning three matches at the Juanita Boddie Tournament in Hoover. The Tigers made it to the quarterfinals in the Gold Bracket.

Parker, a middle blocker, sat down with Decatur Daily sports writer Matthew Speakman to answer five questions about the season:

Question: What was it like being on varsity as a freshman?

Answer: “That was a really big deal for me. I was very excited because that year we went to state. That was one of the best teams we’ve had in recent years.”

Question: Do you know what you want to study in the future?

Answer: “I’m planning to go into criminology or forensics and psychology. There’s a forensics class here at school. I took it last year. Everything having to do with blood typing or analyzing fingerprints or crime-scene investigation was really interesting. I thought that I could really be good at that. I’m good at paying attention to details.”

Question: What are your hobbies outside of volleyball?

Answer: “I like to swim. Any chance I get, I’ll go do lessons with little kids. I work at Point Mallard. I’ve always been really good with water stuff. I like to go to the lake, too.”

Question: If you could have a front-row ticket to any concert, what would it be?

Answer: “I’d love to go watch Chris Stapleton. I kind of grew up with his music. My mom loves him. Any chance we get, we listen to our Chris Stapleton playlist.”

Question: As a senior, what are some of the responsibilities you’ve had so far?

Answer: “I had to give a little pep talk this weekend to the junior varsity team. I had to get them pumped and excited for their game. They weren’t doing too well. So, our coach asked me to talk to them. Apparently after the pep talk, they actually played really well and got out of getting in trouble. I’ve also had to keep our team together and other things.”

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