Quincy Crittendon, Austin;58-100-3;10;1,105

Ty Hutto, Lawrence County;84-160-5;6;1,019

Glavine Segars, West Morgan;80-138-6;9;982

Christian Adams, West Limestone;62-96-6;12;876

Cal George, Hartselle;60-113-4;7;871

Peyton Sallee, Falkville;62-96-7;11;829

Luke Nail, Danville;72-113-0;3;723

Stratton Orr, Decatur Heritage;32-47-0;6;580

Wyatt Styles, Brewer;37-68-0;2;576

Turner Stepp, Decatur;35-76-1;4;504

Grayson Vermeire, Decatur;34-65;4;2;496

Derrick Wiggins, R.A. Hubbard;33-68-0;7;480

Patrick Johnson, Brewer;25-38-0;2;394

Briley Kerby, Hatton;33-79-4;2;368

Jordan Scott, Athens;34-66-0;2;348

Owen Doss, Ardmore;21-64-6;2;284

Wyatt Hurt, Priceville;8-22-1;2;220

Brayden Kyle, Decatur Heritage;15-36-0;3;193

Dillon Parris, East Limestone;11-31-6;2;129




Jerry Burton, Priceville;161-1,254;18

Jairrice Pryor, Clements;162-1,189-16

Adam Lucas, West Morgan;116-782-6

Dylan Hunter, East Lawrence;129-781-7

Jonathan Morgan, Brewer;131-761-7

Colton Keith, Decatur Heritage;84-759-12

Christian Angulo, Falkville;83-650-4

Luke Nail, Danville;89-556-11

Cameron Moore, Danville;86-556-9

Tybo Williams, Austin;63-512-8

Jevon Jackson, Austin;57-497-5

Jordan Scott, Athens;55-494-8

DJ Davis, East Limestone;85-490-1

Jaxon Cross, Priceville;46-468-5

Jaelen Cates, Athens;66-465-8

Brinten Barclay, Hartselle;85-457-8

Todd Perkins, R.A. Hubbard;63-428-6

Gage Dutton, Lawrence County;74-418-5

Julius Mayberry, Athens;52-413-4

Cal George, Hartselle;51-372-6

Jaxson Mitchell, Hatton;86-337-4

Kollin Swart, East Limestone;47-336-3

Luke Hogan, Ardmore;73-328-7

Peyton Fowler, Priceville;35-319-2

Carter Reed, Hatton;69-317-1

Jordan Greenfield, Falkville;62-307-2

Kenadre Williams, Decatur;77-290-2

Turner Step, Decatur;56-286-2

Stratton Orr, Decatur Heritage;31-277-2

Peyton Sallee, Falkville;60-265-5

Allen Johnson, Lawrence County;60-256-0

Hank Davis, Decatur Heritage;31-253-6

Jonah Smith, Elkmont;65-252-0

Demetris Bean, R.A. Hubbard;27-225-2

Michael Cheng, Decatur Heritage;19-211-0

Kendall Scales, Austin;35-198-3

Omar Napier, R.A. Hubbard;24-174-0

Derrick Wiggins, R.A. Hubbard;31-99-7


Pass receiving


River Helms, West Limestone;34-563-9

Malik Strickland, Lawrence County;34-529-1

Mikell Philyaw, Falkville;33-485-6

Reed Harbin, Decatur;26-424-3

Jakobe Fletcher, West Morgan;23-336-5

Jakobe Griffin, West Morgan;23-280-2

Tre Shackelford, Austin;20-466-5

Ian Bodine, Hartselle;20-315-1

Garrett Lee, Lawrence County;19-400-3

Devin Weathers, Brewer;18-276-1

Dalton Dixon, Danville;17-263-1

Kris Bramlett, Brewer;16-328-3

Jabari Brown, Austin;16-260-2

Kaden Edwards, Lawrence County;15-222-1

Keenan Hambrick, Athens;14-143-1

Tyree Hilaire, West Limestone;13-167-2

Jaxson Mitchell, Hatton;13-109-0

Montoya Kellogg, R.A. Hubbard;12-211-4

Smith Coon, Decatur;12-313-2

Izayah Fletcher, Hartselle;11-198-3

Nate Tucker, East Lawrence;11-168-2

Cameron Moore, Danville;11-148-1

Tayi Strickland, Lawrence County;11-24-1

Ethan Sapp, Danville;10-118-0

Alex Malone, Decatur Heritage;9-187-2

Kaden Cook, West Morgan;9-111-1

Maddux Terry, Decatur Heritage;8-168-1

Levi Garner, East Lawrence;8-126-1

Andrew Jones, Falkville;7-166-3

Baker Wilson, Decatur Heritage;7-145-4

Jevon Jackson, Austin;7-143-2

Preston Terry, Decatur Heritage;7-131-1




Cole Cagle, Decatur;81

Banks Dement, Decatur;72

Brody Franks, Lawrence County;72

Colton Johnson, Lawrence County;72

Carter Sample, Decatur Heritage;67

Luke Fitzgerald, Falkville;66

Ca'Ni McCoy, R.A. Hubbard;66

Rush Boyett, Athens;64

Colton Hobson, West Limestone;62

Joseph Crumpton, Hatton;59

Awysum Harris, Austin;57

Jacob Shelton, Lawrence County;57

Chase Jones, Decatur;57

Austin Holmes, Falkville;55

Hank Davis, Decatur Heritage;55

Zach LeMay, East Lawrence;54

Drew Cartee, Hartselle;52

Carsen Reed, Hatton;50

John Looney, Priceville;49

Juan Lopez, East Lawrence;49

Neal Blaxton, East Lawrence;48

Garrett Lee, Lawrence County;48

William Baker, Priceville;47

Tristan Holmes, Pricevile;47

Brody White, West Limestone;46

Hunter Towe, Clements;46

Mikell Philyaw, Falkville;45

Ronald Fletcher, Austin;45

Kaleb Medders, Brewer;45

Chris Allen, Ardmore;45

Calup Cunningham, Danville;44

Christian Angulo, Falkville;44

Logan Haggard, West Limestone;44

Charles Baker, Austin;43

Lane Fuller, Lawrence County;42

Dalton Madison, Danville;41

Jaxson Mitchell, Hatton;41

Garrett Rogers, Decatur Heritage;40

Jakerrias Scott, Athens;40

Jaxon Graham, Priceville;39

Malachi Kirby, Athens;39

Jaylon Barrett, Austin;38

Justice Huff, Danville;37

Jalik Malone, Austin;37

Nick Gibson, Tanner;37

Miles Fleming, Clements;37

Holden Graves, Clements;37

Jacob McRae, Decatur;37

Ryan Langston, Hartselle;36

Tyler Founds, Decatur Heritage;36

Jasper Stanley, Athens;35

Hayden Graves, Clements;35

Xander Montgomery, Lawrence County;34

Wyatt Tomlin, Falkville;34

Brannon Dellaporta, Hatton;33

Kamerin Sandlin, Decatur;33

Jaxon Cross, Priceville;33

Bryson Templeton, Danville;32

Austin Thompson, Ardmore;32

Heath Carden, Athens;32

Dale Hartzog, Decatur;32

Nash Rippen, Decatur Heritage;32

JC Estes, Priceville;32

Isaiah Warnick, Falkville;31

Andrew Rawson, Decatur;31

Cade Alexander, West Morgan;31

Carter Latham, Brewer;31

Tyler Cappi, Priceville;30

Montoya Kellogg, R.A. Hubbard;30

Hamilton Pressnell, Athens;30

Micah Steffen, Brewer;30

Thomas Graves, Brewer;30

Brock Pace, Hatton;29

Mason McMillan, Hatton;29

Kaiden Taylor, Hatton;28

Luke Hogan, Ardmore;28

Devin Weathers, Brewer;28

Ethan Sapp, Danville;27

Don Smiley, Athens;27

Wyatt King, Falkville;27

Michael Matthews, Priceville;27

Brady Moore, Clements;26

Randy Chambers, West Morgan;26

Gage Saint, Hatton;26

Ramon McLemore, Athens;26

Brody Lacey, Falkville;25

Tokey Porter, Athens;25

Zeke Black, West Morgan;25

Jaylen Gilbert, Athens;25



5: Tayi Strickland, Lawrence County; Tyler Founds, Decatur Heritage

4: Wyatt Hurt, Priceville; Tyrus Jones, R.A. Hubbard

3: Maddux Terry, Decatur Heritage; Jackson Kyle, Decatur Heritage; Joseph Russell, Ardmore; Hamilton Pressnell, Athens; William Baker, Priceville; Jaxson Mitchell, Hatton

2: Michael Cheng, Decatur Heritage; Nash Rippen, Decatur Heritage; Jaden Baker, Austin; Jaylon Barrett, Austin; Braden Tucker, Clements; Jaylen Gilbert, Athens; Kaden Cook, West Morgan; Caleb Terry, West Morgan; Mikell Philyaw, Falkville; Austin Holmes, Falkville
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