D211010 heritage vs hubbard (copy)

R.A. Hubbard's Keyondrick Cobb leads the area with five interceptions. [JERONIMO NISA/DECATUR DAILY]



Brayden Kyle, Decatur Heritage;88-140-6;21;1,650

JT Blackwood, Hartselle;104-150-3;13;1,556

Ellis Dickman, Decatur;80-167-10;9;1,167

Caden Childers, Brewer;106-209-6;8;1,158

Colin Patterson, West Limestone;85-121-5;9;1,028

Caden Burnett, Falkville;58-107-3;9;928

Keyondrick Cobb, R.A. Hubbard;56-99-2;9;876

Gage Taylor, Danville;40-98-3;6;851

De’Air Young, Austin;62-113-4;8;805

Karl Parham, Tanner;44-93-3;6;719

Jaden Jude, Athens;50-77-2;8;634

Peyton Kelly, East Lawrence;37-55-5;6;593

Rowe Allen, Elkmont;41-102-7;6;545

Brayden Hillis, Ardmore;34-55-4;5;500

Parker Frost, Lawrence County;45-88-7;2;492

Gage Hill, East Limestone;21-44-3;3;438

Jackson Prickett, Priceville;38-59-3;4;394

­Cam Schrieber, West Morgan;26-50-3;4;355

Braxton Peters, West Morgan;23-47-4;4;292

Briley Kerby, Hatton;25-53-5;2;265




Mason Cartee, Priceville;161-1,269-20

Fortune Wheeler, East Limestone;129-1,153-18

Jordan Greenfield, Falkville;101-880-11

Thomas Colston, Ardmore;132-818-6

Jalen Fletcher, West Morgan;123-774-10

Cayden Rivers, East Lawrence;115-735-6

Dakota Wilson, West Limestone;112-707-5

Mikah McCoy, R.A. Hubbard;84-701-7

Brayden Kyle, Decatur Heritage;52-697-13

Austin Williams, Lawrence County;134-649-6

Azariah Fletcher, Hartselle;58-639-10

Tyler Cooper, Austin;128-629-6

Jaden Jude, Athens;94-627-9

Alex Guster, Tanner;74-626-9

Briley Kerby, Hatton;98-605-8

Trey Crutcher, Tanner;84-552-8

Carsen Reed, Hatton;73-457-4

Armahdeo Dunigan, Hartselle;72-442-8

Keyondrick Cobb, R.A. Hubbard;67-431-6

Braxton Peters, West Morgan;74-412-3


Pass receiving


Izayah Fletcher, Hartselle;42-623-6

Walker Latham, Brewer;34-279-5

Dylan Roper, Athens;33-507-7

DJ Burney, Brewer;30-338-2

Jayden Brown, Decatur;29-554-4

Kohl Randolph, Danville;25-547-5

Bralyn Robinson, East Lawrence;25-490-9

Xander Gaines, Priceville;25-225-1

Andrew Jones, Falkville;24-445-4

Jeremiah Burgess, Austin;24-382-5

Tyler Founds, Decatur Heritage;23-384-9

Skylar Townsend, Tanner;21-440-5

Eli Tidwell, Hartselle;21-420-3

Kaden Cook, West Morgan;21-319-4

Christian Smith, West Limestone;20-320-3

Alex Malone, Decatur Heritage;19-417-4

Tyran Murphy, R.A. Hubbard;19-278-4

Quintez McCoy, R.A. Hubbard;19-267-2

Alandis Johnson, Lawrence County;19-221-2

Armahdeo Dunigan, Hartselle;18-154-1

Bo Solley, Decatur Heritage;16-207-2

Brooks Poff, West Limestone;16-176-1

Nash Rippen, Decatur Heritage;15-188-0




Mookie Moore, Hartselle;109

Bryce Moore, Ardmore;78

Carson Crowe, Danville;77

Thomas Cazier, Decatur;72

Isaac Osteen, Hartselle;71

Montavius Orr, R.A. Hubbard;70

Lee Murray, Brewer;70

Brett Beckworth, West Limestone;67

Tyler Founds, Decatur Heritage;67

Jack Tregoning, Athens;66

Ben Shinkunas, Athens;66

Druce Clarke, Austin;65

Jake Langlois, Priceville;65

Nash Rippen, Decatur Heritage;63

Dawson Terry, East Lawrence;63

Treyce Oden, Hartselle;62

Jacob McRae, Decatur;59

Kaden Worley, Falkville;56

Easton Smith, West Limestone;56

Peyton Heard, Ardmore;55

Josh Turner, Decatur;54

Mylon Miller, Decatur;53

Chase Haggermaker, Elkmont;52.5

Kam Hogan, Danville;52

Malachi Collett, Falkville;51

Austin Williams, Lawrence County;51

Quintez McCoy, R.A. Hubbard;51

Charlie Zalusky, Decatur;50

Hayden Durham, Ardmore;50

Tyler Olive, Decatur Heritage;50

Zmari Bell, Austin;50

Keyondrick Cobb, R.A. Hubbard;50

Isaiah Warnick, Falkville;49

Walker Letson, East Lawrence;49

Dominic Simmons, Hartselle;49

JoJo Whisenant, Danville;48

Bo Huff, Danville;47

ZJ Matthews, Decatur;46

Tristian Garth, R.A. Hubbard;46

Jonah Smith, West Limestone;46

Tristan Holmes, Priceville;46

Jakeem Fletcher, Tanner;46

Keyshawn Kingston, R.A. Hubbard;46

Lawson Johnson, Tanner;44

Braiden Fountain, Lawrence County;44

Tylon Smith, East Lawrence;44

Kameron Gatewood, Athens;44

Austin Ryan, Danville;43

Cody Kennedy, Priceville;43

Mikah McCoy, R.A. Hubbard;42

Charlie Moores, Decatur Heritage;41

Carson Cox, Danville;41

Tyran Murphy, R.A. Hubbard;40

Jyron McDaniel, Decatur;40



5: Keyondrick Cobb, R.A. Hubbard

4: Easton Smith, West Limestone

3: Caden Burnett, Falkville; Tyler Founds, Decatur Heritage; Walker Hoyle, Hartselle

2: Carson Crowe, Danville; Landon Navas, West Limestone; Jacob Wiley, West Limestone; Ryder McGregory, Lawrence County; Jake McDonald, Athens; Sammy Holmes, Priceville; Bull Mizell, Hartselle; Skylar Townsend, Tanner; Briley Kerby, Hatton; Trey Ayers, Decatur

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