Ben Dover

The only reason Mr. Jackson doesn't want this to happen is because it's not in his district. Clearly the area qualifies. But almost $300,00 for a few structures? That's ridiculous. You could easly build two parks for that amount, including sidewalks. We don't need another Frazier Park, wh…

"Some emergency lights were not properly hanged" - should be "not properly hung." I've gone by that buiding several times a week for years. There are busted out windows, trash, play equipment in poor repair. The building has to be leaking. It's too bad Bishop Strong did not fix things ear…

Ben Dover commented on Dorothy Jane Riggs Vinson

My deepest sympathy to the family. Dorothy was a spark plug in Decatur. She wasn't afraid to suggest something and keep at it until it got done. She made a difference. So glad she was here!.

First, it's Pointe Mallard Estates - "Pointe" with an "e." The added "e" separates it from the city-owned Point Mallard Park.

Second, I think Parker has mixed his metaphors. I believe he probably meant "blank slate" or "blank canvas." A "blank palette" is possible - an artist's pa…

The previous business at the La Casa del Ray location was Sharks, not Sharkeys.

I'm a Pointe Mallard resident and I have absolutely not objection to selling alcohol at the ice rink during certain activities. I also have no objection to putting a hotel/convention center at the park, as was originally intentioned.
Zoning boards don't have to have spines. City Council…

Ben Dover commented on Darlene Ziegler

Very sorry to read this. Darlene was smart, friendly, gracious, kind-hearted, and a wonderful representative for the Decatur Daily for many years.

Which highly placed city employee pressed for this? Hmmm.

Similar subdivision at Somerville and Church was built in the 1980s and has been very successful.

My least liked comic. Good riddance!