Betty Pickell

Public safety should not be a political issue. Chief Allen’s policy is good for all Decatur residents. We do not need to do ICE ‘s work. When people are afraid to report crime we all lose.

Until there is a proven hazard, Decatur Youth Services should be allowed to use the former Brookhaven school building. They do a lot of good in our community and should be encouraged not impeded. Concurrently plans should start now in case a real problem is found. It’s time to be proactiv…

Agreed. Cutting out the large amount spent on unneeded branding and the Chamber of Commerce’s annual joyride to Washington would help fund the real needs of the non profit agencies.

There should be independent testing of the dump sites but not by ADEM or 3M. This would be like expecting the fox to take good care of the chickens in the henhouse!