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boomarik commented on I-565 widening could start Monday

They will probably finish this before the I-565 Greenbrier exit is done!

Wow, what an in-depth, 3 sentence article.

If I am correct, Michael Wetzel was also confused because this statement indicates a reference to the national organization, which is not the organization that issued the awards... "Fewer than 375 schools nationwide earned Blue Ribbon status this year, according to the U.S. Department of …

This is great news for these schools. I wanted to know more so I did some research but now I'm confused. What is the difference between this blue ribbon site and this blue ribbon site ? The firs…

Hey @DD_BayneHughes, how about writing an article that more than 2 sentences in a paragraph.

What needs to be fixed?

Another wasted taxpayers' $100,000

Approving purchase of promotional items before the campaign has even been shared with the public... priceless!

"...which the lawyer said violate the constitutional requirement of separation of church and state." Once again, there is no such thing in the constitution.

Why are so many one sentence paragraphs?