david kelley

they need to screen there workers regular etc

cowboydavid commented on An honor to serve Decatur residents

the sweetwater deal hurt you and you refusing to support our annual Spirit Of America the trouble with mayors and city councilman they are to controlled they are puppets on a string and the dog pound issue hurt you you had so many problems will Tab Bowling be any better I don't know if he al…

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I totally agree with you on this I can see why any true blooded American could ever support anyone like Hillary Clinton myself

Billy Jackson is the only person on our city council that really cares its clear here that the city of decatur is very corrupt this is a waste of our tax payer money these jerks need tobe voted out I'm supporting Tab Bowling for Mayor and vote the others crooks out but then again our electio…

the best thing the the people in the pj can do now is incorporate now Decatur elected officials are corrupt and controlled

I went to school with Tab Bowling he is a Austinville resident and is a honest person

Mayor Don Kyle was wrong on firing Ms.Wicks

the citizens that live here in Decatur are supporting the people in the pj so incorporate thumbs up on this idea

anyone would be better that Don Kyle

all the streets in decatur are horriable especially in the austinville area