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Home town



This is a good man, and Morgan County would be proud and fortunate to call him a judge.

Hear hear! Very well said

Cool. Let's just add some more departments to what this Superman will be running of/ when he or she is found with all the experience and education this job seems to be requiring.

Prohibition didnt work with alcohol, it clearly is not working with marijuana now. This AG is wrong.

Agree completely. Why do neighboring municipalities not have a similar problems, or at least not on this scale? People need to be fired over this. And that lawsuit is a good start too. This whole situation is disgusting, dangerous, and dumb.

This is disgusting. People at DU should be FIRED and or CHARGED for gross incompetence when something like this happens. How would they like sewage leaks near their homes? Are we as citizens just supposed to shrug and tolerate this?

That is absolutely disgusting and another blemish on our community. This kind of news makes the city look bad. Who is getting fired or charged for this because this is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE

This commute is BS...

(Sent while stopped in traffic , again)

This is administration is the laughingstock of the world.