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What is it with a of these studies or consultants being purchased by Decatur officials? It seems like every other week there is another monetary outlay for something that the city staff (or even city citizens) could handle for much less. What are we paying city employees for if not to be …


This is so sad, that these majestic creatures are shot for no reason. Shame on you who do this or who allowed it


Basically. This 'study' could have been done by any one of the many paid city employees and save that $261,000.

I don't know where to start with what's wrong with this letter. So I'll just say that this country is so split, so deluded among some members that I fear for the future.

Yeah this is straight BS! I'll do the study for free: build a parking deck! Done.

I agree with Jackson again. Why all the consultant purchases lately?

Yeah! And parking on streets near Decatur Middle/ High needs to be looked at , especially on 9th Ave. It becomes a one lane road most days with cars parked on either side of the road!

"It’s not against the law; they can record us." Straight from the chief. Record your interactions!