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Try a Blue State supporter you, Bandwagon fans make comments like yours.

Obviously Mr. Knight is qualified or the council would not have chosen him, but since this person, District 4 Councilwoman Cassandra Lee said she will hold Knight to a high bar. “I will want him and his officers to be fair to everyone, regardless of their color or where they live in the c…

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Are you not the former Senator Doug Jones' sister, maybe this is why the hate, I guess you are not a fan of Tubbs either.

Auburn bashing, demeaning Alabama, that's laughable. You 2 clowns have probably never sat foot inside Bryant-Denny like the majority of the Alabama fan base has not.

I was a kid and remember the marches that happened in Decatur, yes people were physically hurt during these. My question is if he committed these crimes and was convicted, regardless of mental capacity, why should he be made to look like the person who was wronged. The person committed a …

Chuck is not hiding, he did put his real name on his post unlike you, JOHN DOE. You seem to be the one hiding and seems to me the followers of the Democratic Party are the ones destroying and burning cities.

What's your deal with the American Indian community, I've seen more than one spiteful comment toward them from you.

Is this Doug Jones?

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He fixed the military that I currently serve in compared to the previous 8 years of neglect and moral destruction that the administration had with, if I'm not mistaken, the individual trying to run against President Trump.

Here we go again, the great DD endorsement. Always believing what Big Brother main stream media says is gospel and endorsing false claims so you can publish the same. The DD must really think Alabamians are inept. It will be a good day for people who try to read the DD know that you as an…