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FranElamMom commented on Sewage overflows plague DU

That's pretty good.

I'm a generational native of Hartselle and really feel for the truly good people of Decatur, I've spent a lot of my life in and out of Decatur and have made great friends through the years. It really baffles me how a city that had great leadership through the years and a lot of opportunit…

Glad to see the DD has someone to report on other Professional sports also.

Nice letter Mr. Bryant.

I agree, Jones being "a longtime friend" with Biden is comical, didn't see the goofball down here helping Jones' campaign.

This is a great story, I am thankful that Mr. Blackburn is doing well. Best Wishes

I do not see where Trump was mentioned in the article or the posting. Why do you "assume" it is about Trump, hatred. You must work for the Daily.