Frances Elam

I'm a generational native of Hartselle and really feel for the truly good people of Decatur, I've spent a lot of my life in and out of Decatur and have made great friends through the years. It really baffles me how a city that had great leadership through the years and a lot of opportunit…

Glad to see the DD has someone to report on other Professional sports also.

Nice letter Mr. Bryant.

I agree, Jones being "a longtime friend" with Biden is comical, didn't see the goofball down here helping Jones' campaign.

This is a great story, I am thankful that Mr. Blackburn is doing well. Best Wishes

I do not see where Trump was mentioned in the article or the posting. Why do you "assume" it is about Trump, hatred. You must work for the Daily.



This was my first thought as well and when I got to the comments you had posted[beam]

Not surprising, would not expect anything different. You'll be back in normal society soon.