Frances Elam

Is this really an article that criticizes the "leadership" for a bill that is being pushed with disregard to the American workforce and being published by the DD, I am reading from the DD website correct.

What a miracle, may God continue to bless this family.

News Flash, don't publish this type of prediction. If Decatur is this inept to believe this then the continual fail will get worse. Most kids in Hartselle use our pool here which has really stepped up in the past number of years. We do not offer near what Point Mallard has, but kids here …

I understand your concern but the masks are not what will save lives. The only types of masks that will stop and filter outside air sources are full face with filters and respirators. The Governor is doing what is right and leaving it up to the individual, nothing says you cannot wear it …

What needs to be known, AUTHOR of this article. All that matters is if you do a crime worthy of execution, in my eyes and I guarantee the majority of eyes in this country, it makes no difference how the execution takes place.

Agree totally, she may have a new car to drive soon.

So what you are trying to imply is that he never committed a crime just because he was Sheriff, OK.

In Alabama Theft First Degree is a Class B felony; the potential punishment is from 2-20 years in prison when the alleged value is over $2,500 dollars.

What a tremendous outcome, believing and praying and the Lord will give. This is a true miracle. God bless you and your family.

If some of the jurors were laughing we all know what the verdict will be. It is a shame it could not have been held in another county.

FranElamMom commented on Local Cuban Americans call for freedom

I applaud these people for trying to find help for their home country and asking the U.S. to help them. The problem that will arise is the Administration in DC. It is a total shame that Cuba will not feel any heat from the U.S.