Heavenly Ghost

[beam][beam][beam]. Trump has had 4 years to fix all your problems why ain’t he done it??

Paige is my councilperson and I love what she does. She supports our elders with senior centers, she works hard improving grass nd paving roads. Paige answers call, very important to me to get a call back. I am voting for her bcause she is willing to talk to the Daily and keep me informed.

Sam, Im camped at Jay landings because I could not get a spot at Mallard. I understand contractors are using the other spots. And contractors are staying long term. Yes I’m angry

Oh about to forget. Many thanks for your article and pushing the Mallard point.

Folks living at Point Mallard it’s time for y’all to move on. Mayor and council it’s time to make them move out. January is a new year and a great time to start. Let’s not spend more money for additional parking until we see the results of livers moving out. Thank you.

Now let’s talk about contractors living in the rv park.

I care cat. Mallard is suppose to be an rv park not a homestead place.