Jai Redmon

How in the world R. A. Hubbard passes fire code is beyond me. It's a virtual fire trap. Parents should be concerned.

Decatur needs to address the eyesore (landfill) that greets travelers on the west end of town.

Law enforcement officers swear an oath to support the U. S. Constitution; NOT to a poltical appointee.

Information from NASA and the FBI disproves both assertions.

Data from NASA and the FBI refute both of your claims.

When faced with a Democrat led kangaroo court, what did you expect?

You can thank the previous administration for the current state of affairs regarding 'race issues'. I grew up in Alabama. I began school in 1966. Separate restrooms, water fountains, etc didn't exist in Fayette County.

The YRUE corruption has been proven to be in the FBI. Prosecute Hillary. NOW!

Violent crime in Decatur is getting out of hand. Who would want to move their family here?

Bill Clinton sold nuclear secrets to China. Hillary sold uranium to Russia. Obama financially aided Iran and total