Jo Shaffer

Really? I am considered an “Essential Worker” — tangential to a RETAIL business. When a coworker was diagnosed with Covid, I got docked a vacation day for taking an “unauthorized absence” the next day when I was too upset to go to work (said coworker was NOT wearing a mask on the day he c…

I am Heartened by my neighbors who can see both the forest and the trees, and Dismayed by all those who still can't.

It is getting very difficult for even us “little snowflakes” to tolerate this much longer. When you risk ‘consequences’ for doing something as mundane as asking a ‘fellow American’ to pull up a mask in public spaces, it is getting almost too ridiculous to live with. And I am getting a lit…

I am TRYING to be empathetic with this poor, uneducated, ignorant man, but he knew what he was doing well enough to construct extremely destructive devices, and he was ready and willing to hurt people for his Dear Leader. He should not be allowed free movement in a civilized society.

I am so embarrassed.

This is a well-written editorial, and I am glad to see it in my Decatur Daily.

I was going to comment that your piece was "well said." I will just have to second that!


You might want to check your dates. I don't believe there's ever been a June 31.

JoShaffer commented on Roy Moore led 'tyranny of majority'

Very insightful and well-written.