Hopefully this action will be the first of many like it.TVA is a non-profit Federal agency that is supposed to provide low utilities and provide jobs for Americans.Not for people in the good ole boy system to take turns making millions for a board position.It's obviously not even a full t…

So thugs shooting up their neighborhood is because there's a pandemic and they're bored!

And so it begins with the help of the decatur daily.1) As you let the police in put your weapon on the counter 2) move away from counter with your hands up.3)explain you are the owner.The police would have sorted it out and Mr. Penn would have went on with his day.

We are in the middle of a pandemic.I don't understand why anyone wouldn't "WANT" to wear a mask.It is not hysteria to wear a mask to prevent the spread.There is no way a gym can provide any safe way to work out.Why would any pastor allow members to worship without masks? I believe in pers…

Sign the ordinance you dumb...a..How many more people will be infected in the next 10 days?