scott smith

real antibodies are better than fake antibodies.

Anyone that votes for Doug Jones is as guilty for murdering innocent babies that get aborted, thank about it what if that would of been you aborted, the only choice a woman has with her body is don't do the things that causes a child to be conceived.

Go Brody you can do this, go red devils!

Go Brody !

Go Brody!

if this really happen the way there saying it would of came out long before now,Moore got my support!

i rather have trump than hillary! and everybody thats in the military it could happen to them as well its life things happen the chances of getting killed in service is great so if your not willing to die you better not join. somebody needs to slap the stupidness out of miss hat'er!

bible says if you dont work you dont eat....................trump has nothing to do with it,its up to the one thats hungry if they want to eat or not,get off there lazy butt and get a job.

Tudds you need to donate your pay and the rest of your high paid staff to off set the difference most of that 500000 is to pay ya'll salaries, if you really doing it for the needy!