Pamela Blakely

Maybe it takes one to know one Mayor. Y’all pay for a lot of unnecessary outside contractors for useless studies, why not pay for something actually useful.

The victim was in the other car judging from the white sheet hanging in the other car.

Lowery’s decision was about as “boneheaded” as they come yet he still has a city job! Doesn’t reflect very good on your department.

What a total waste of money!

Bibbee wants to save all the city’s money to pay for useless things like parking studies. Is $25,000 for a parking study “good stewardship”?

Another 25k down the drain to an outside company—surely there is someone already on the city payroll who can do a “study” on parking, Incredible!

Just watch—she won’t like the results of an internal audit and then she will want to hire yet another outside contractor to look at it.

All day to replace a light??

Seems like you are building a Cadillac overpass system instead of something more economical especially since it’s an overpass to a cotton field.

Hopefully it will get finished quicker than the Wilson street re-do