Pamela Blakely

You are worried about this when you have multiple trashy shopping centers on 6th ave

Low blow Mr. Mayor—hopefully it will be remembered at election time.

Why not concentrate on cleaning up some of those trashy shopping centers on 6th ave. Clean up what you have before building an overpass to nowhere.

Real smart on the commissioners part! The ONLY people who win in this idiotic mess are the greedy lawyers who will continue to drag this out as long as possible.

Will the state EVER get the cameras working so you can find alternate routes when the bridge is backed up? Those cameras have been in place long enough that they should be working.

It’s a long list and it’s all over the internet

I think they should charge them room and board also. Jail isn’t supposed to be fun or easy.

As well as getting the camera on the bridge operational

And if she had been a man your laughable insane comments wouldn’t even be written. She should be allowed to protect herself.

Yeah that’s how you good ole boys do it..