Sam Cat

I can explain . . . Biden and his Democrat minions.

Biden should be tried for TREASON !!

Term limits. All public elected offices should have term limits

We need more stories like this.

Maybe we should just give them a "participation" score then everyone will be happy.

Although I stand with you 100% on ending the 20-year war in Afghanistan, your exit plan was a total debacle. How can you stand there with a straight face and preach about how we should welcome our neighboring illegal immigrants and in the same breathe, turn your back on the 10's of thousa…

Immunization and natural immunity are the only 2 things which will beat COVID. Everything else is "feel good" cool-aide or scare tactics to control people's feelings.

Sad how this manipulation is actually working. As long as citizens buy into this charade, COVID will never go away. …

Firing Squad, Execution, Hanging . . choose one. The victims had ZERO choice on the method their killer chose to end their life. In addition, I am 100% certain it was more inhumane and cruel than anything the State wants to utilize. Maybe we should just change the law and the convicted wi…

Since this lady signed an affidavit saying that what she thought and how she voted are 2 different things . . then told the judge wrong information when polled . . . isn't this perjury, contempt of court??

well . . . . . . congrats. at least we know pressure is your kryptonite