Sam Cat

Yeah but they have that single 1 second video clip they can continue to re-live

Thank you for proving my point

You are all delusional and will reap the repercussions of supporting an obvious President elect with dementia.

Take away mail in voting . . . Trump wins. This is why the Dems pushed so hard for mail in voting. Only way they could seal the election.

Absentee voting gave Biden the election. No way you can argue differently. Well you can but you will look and sound like an idiot.

One correction . . . .Biden did not run his campaign . . . all you folks in the media ran it for him. He didn't even have to answer questions.

Trump called it weeks ago. The Dems will come up with massive mail in votes at the 11th hour to steal the election. But in reality, Trump or Biden will be the only single winner. Our entire country loses no matter who wins.

This guy is obviously unstable or in the very least a threat to this young lady. He deserves about 5 years of solitude soul searching.

Because it will take him more than 4 years to fix what the previous administration destroyed

We all knew this months ago