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A combined Decatur Youth Symphony and Orchestra Sul Ponticello perform during the Violins! Violins! Violins! program at the Princess Theatre Center for the Performing Arts Monday, May 11, 2015.

Decatur Youth Symphony will present “Violins! Violins! Violins!” tonight at 7 at the Princess Theatre Center for the Performing Arts.

The free concert will feature musicians in the symphony’s Solaris Orchestra, Chamber Ensemble, Decatur String Quartet and Third Grade Violin program. Also performing will be Decatur’s Orchestra Sul Ponticello.

Expect to hear “Jasmine Flower” arranged by Douglas Wagner, “Cripple Creek” arranged by Edmund Siennick, “Bayou Self” by Cathy Morris, “Furiant” by Elliot Del Borgo, “Antagonist” by Larry Clark and more.

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