I would like to address misconceptions about the vote of “no confidence” at Northwest-Shoals. Contrary to some posts on Facebook, it’s not about jealous employees. It’s about employees that are irate because scholarships for students have been cut, budgets have been cut, personnel have been fired, but the president has chosen to give about $80,000 in raises to her best buds. Where’s the accountability in that? I thought students came first at Northwest-Shoals, not best buddies.

The rule of law in Lauderdale County does not exist. The Lauderdale County circuit judges and district attorney make their rulings not based on the law, but on the good old boys system.

It is absolutely true that the lottery in Alabama is not getting passed because they want 100 percent to go to the General Fund. If only they would give 50 percent to education, yes it would get passed and they would still make millions of dollars. Why won’t they just concede and split it with education?

It came out in the TimesDaily a few weeks ago that John Bedford, that’s the county engineer, wanted to borrow $2 million to blacktop 20 miles of road. Well, I guess he got the money because now he’s not blacktopping, he’s putting down patches of gravel. On Spring Valley Road where all the children are at, he put down eight little strips of gravel, including both sides. I guess that’s a mile. Well it won’t take him long to do 20 miles doing it like that, but he will have a lot of money left out of that $2 million after he gets through.

I just wondering what with Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, has the White House become an old people’s home? Let some young blood get in there.

This is in response to the vote of “no confidence” at Northwest-Shoals and the post that Miss Crystal Reed made on Facebook that the employees don’t like the accountability that is coming to Northwest-Shoals. Giving Reed a $40,000 raise is not accountability as far as the employees are concerned, and that vote definitely was a vote of “no confidence.”

I was traveling north on County Road 47 on a recent Sunday about 8:30 p.m. I saw blue lights come on from a St. Florian officer in front of me and pass two vehicles up a hill over double yellow lines. Once he passed them, he turned the lights off. You should not be a threat to public safety by the way you drive your patrol car. You should be an example. It was not an emergency. We saw where he went. There was already three other police cars there, everything was under control.

When you hear a Republican, it doesn’t matter what state he’s from, speak out against the president, you know automatically there was a Democrat running on the Republican ticket to get elected, just like Jeff Sessions in Alabama. They are easy to spot and it won’t surprise me what happens. I’m sure some Republican will run against President Trump before it’s over with.

What an ugly recent You Said It about Russellville. People who worked their whole life and then retire deserve to sit on their front porch. They earned that right. These are good Christian people who never said a hard word about anyone their whole life. This person that called should be ashamed and down on their knees praying.

To the caller complaining about a redneck welcoming committee in Russellville: Maybe you should look in the mirror. What is wrong with sitting on the front porch of your own home? You should not be so quick to judge without knowing the facts. Maybe you should engage your brain before opening your mouth.

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